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American Metal Arts Studios Decorative Hardware


Decorative Hardware home plaqueDecorative Hardware home sign

Decorative hardware looks the best when there is fine detail as well as high and low relief, much more than the products thatare made in the east, with a sand caste cheaper look. Because our process utilizes rubber molds that are flexible, we also have more liberty with unusual designs.

Normally we also put a heavy coat of lacquer in order to insure a lustrum finish. The attachment of hardware is sometimes problematic, but our factory employs several methods for attachment. The main method is with an insert that is made of brass that is inserted into our molds. This insert is threaded and allows a screw to attach the hardware. The second method utilizes magnets. Lastly, screws that protrude from the caste piece that can be fastened to nuts from the cabinet.

decorative hardware
stock photo- examples of type of decorative harware we create

Michael De Medina
American Metal Arts Studios: Custom Metal Work, trophies awards, medallions, metal sculptures, jewelry and accessories

Custom Trophies, Awards and Keychains, and Scuplture

Wide Variety of Custom Made Metal Work and Metal Sculptures

American Metal Art Studios offers a wide variety of metal work products proudly Made in the USA and
Made in China!!  From:

Full Gallery of Michael De Medina for more images of metal art work and metal sculpting
Visit the Michael De Medina Studios Online Gallery for more custom art including sculptures and paintings.

Display your Christian and Catholic faith and devotion with these divine, hand sculpted religious jewelry
Exquisite, Hand Sculpted
Religious Jewelry

Michael De Medina
High Quality Craftsmanship, Custom Metal
Casting and Art proudly made in the USA

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