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Our process has been called Centrifugal Casting or some say White Metal Casting. The first process is associated with the lost wax casting of jewelry. We utilize common machinery in this phase. Our molds are made of black vulcanized rubber. They consist of two halves. The center of the molds has a small hole where molten metal can be poured into them. With the spinning of the mold by the casting machine, the metal is forced into the hallow cavities and the casting cavity is fed by gateways that are like rivers that allow the metal to flow easily.
When the metal cools the casting is extracted from the mold and the difficulty begins. The finishing process begins.Metal flashing must be removed carefully and care is taken that the casting is complete. A wire brush with soft thistles is used and then a deburring process takes place that removes mold lines. This is a very important process that many manufacturers don't watch closely. If the mold lines remain even with the finest plating, the mold lines stand out and the casting has the look of poor quality. After washing the piece is ready for final finishing.

Michael De Medina
American Metal Arts Studios: Custom Metal Work, trophies awards, medallions, metal sculptures, jewelry and accessories

Custom Trophies, Awards and Keychains, and Scuplture

Wide Variety of Custom Made Metal Work and Metal Sculptures

American Metal Art Studios offers a wide variety of metal work products proudly Made in the USA and
Made in China!!  From:

Full Gallery of Michael De Medina for more images of metal art work and metal sculpting
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Display your Christian and Catholic faith and devotion with these divine, hand sculpted religious jewelry
Exquisite, Hand Sculpted
Religious Jewelry

Michael De Medina
High Quality Craftsmanship, Custom Metal
Casting and Art proudly made in the USA

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